Life of Calling
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Over the years, BLI has sought to connect with other schools of higher education. These connections have added program opportunities, credit transfer, and collegial discourse for the BLI community. Starting in the spring of 2019, the administration and board of trustees began a search for a more significant partnership with another school that would help move BLI into the important area of graduate-level theological education while supporting our long-standing work in undergraduate Bible education. We have found our partner!

In February 2020, the BLI Board of Trustees unanimously agreed to enter into an integrated partnership with Sioux Falls Seminary and the Kairos Development Network. While the network includes over 30 partners at various levels of partnership, BLI will join three other schools at the level of an integrated partner. While we will be working out all the details of the partnership for some time, we will be moving forward with the adoption of the Kairos Project as our educational model.

Kairos is an innovative approach to theological education. Rather than simply attending and passing classes as the primary ways to demonstrate learning, students integrate educational moments and adaptable assignments into the various aspects of their life (home, work, church, etc.). As a result, the students’ contexts are an integral part of their journey and the way in which learning and development takes place. The program is designed specifically for individuals who are actively engaged in ministry and/or desire to integrate their faith and work.  Students accepted into the Kairos Project move toward outcome-based Christian maturity under the supervision of a mentor team, by the direction of faculty, and through participation in a cohort-based community of learning.

We will be posting further information about Kairos on our website in the days ahead. As a start, though, we anticipate shifting our attention to include graduate-level education (Master of Divinity, Master of Arts), while offering a new pilot undergraduate-level program. And excitedly, the programs offered through Kairos are accredited and degree-granting!

This is an amazing and exciting time for BLI! Through this new partnership, we believe we will be able to reach out educationally in ways unimagined before. It will require a significant shift, however, as we re-tool for a different way of approaching education and collaborate with our new partners on the best ways forward. As we learn more about how the Spirit is leading in this new partnership, we will keep you informed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at or 724-295-2464 ext. 203.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

-Dr. Gary C. Bailey, president