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Prayer and God’s Sovereignty, Part 4

In previous parts of God’s Sovereignty and Prayer, I have argued that God does not change his mind on some things (e.g., his promises), but that he does change his intended actions based on the prayers and response of people. If this is true, then it raises the issue...

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Prayer and God’s Sovereignty, Part 3

In Part 2 of Prayer and God’s Sovereignty, we examined some Bible passages that provided strong support for the belief that prayer can change the mind of God. We now turn to some passages that suggest that God does not change his mind -what he intends to do he will...

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Prayer and God’s Sovereignty, Part 2

Providence and the Purposes of God The doctrine of God’s providence is closely related to God’s sovereignty. Millard J. Erickson defines providence as “the continuing action of God in preserving his creation and guiding it toward his intended purposes” (Christian...

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Prayer and God’s Sovereignty

God is in Control The doctrine of the sovereignty of God concerns God’s rule over his creation. Nothing is more powerful than God, and nothing is above God’s rule. Scripture is clear that God is in complete control, and his reign is supreme. There are no other gods...

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Jesus as the Only Way, Part 2

The issue of the deity of Jesus is a central aspect of the debate over claiming that he is the only way to God.  We seem to often overlook the simple connection that if Jesus is God, then he is the only way because he is also the destination.  You can get to...

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Jesus as the Only Way, Part 1

The notion that Jesus is the only way (to God, to heaven) may be the most challenged doctrine of the Christian faith today.  People oppose this notion from a number of different perspectives and it is not just from those outside the church.  A few years ago the Pew...

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Relative Truth is No Truth at All

Things Have Changed Things have changed in the 40 odd years I have been interested in apologetics.  There was a time when you could begin a discussion on the truth of God’s existence with someone by talking about the reasons why we should believe in God....

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Is God Calling You?

General Call God has a general will for everyone. For example, God desires that people come to faith in Jesus Christ. He desires that we all love our neighbor, do not commit adultery, seek first the Kingdom of God, etc. These things are found in the Bible. In this...

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