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How to Pray For Others

Praying for others is important, but it can be difficult. Praying is an essential part of living out our faith. The Bible tells us to pray for others. As a result, we are to pray for ourselves, for our government, and for our enemies. Paul tells Timothy, “I urge you,...

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Is The Church Full of Hypocrites?

Hypocrisy is a real charge leveled against Christians. We must take it seriously since
Jesus himself made the charge against the religious leaders of his day as we see in places like
Matthew 23:13-31.

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Choosing The Best Things

Do you focus your time and attention on the best things? One of the most challenging aspects of intentionally developing our faith is learning to choose how we spend our time. Our time is a precious commodity, and in many ways is the most valuable resource that we...

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The Bible and Slavery?—Part II

In our last blog, we began to see how slavery in Biblical times was different than the slavery we think of in American history; it was economic, not racial.  We also saw how the Bible never affirmed slavery but taught believers in the Middle East culture of that day...

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Sneaky Fasting

Fasting is an important part of our faith formation. Jesus assumes that his followers will fast. He seems to believe that it will be a regular part of his follower’s experience. Many folks over the history of the church attest to the need and importance of fasting.

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The Bible and Slavery?—Part I

One of the questions used to confront Christianity these days centers on the claim that the Bible teaches slavery.  From inside the church, the claim is made by those who do not want to accept one Biblical teaching or another. “Well the Bible teaches slavery so we do not have to listen to it in other areas” is often the implication.  From outside the church, it is used to dismiss the Bible and the Christian faith altogether as in “How can you believe something that teaches something so evil.

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Daily Quiet Time With God

Finding time in the day to be alone with God can be tough. Knowing what to do once we have the time can be even more challenging. All kinds of questions can arise when we start thinking about how to spend our time alone with God. How long should I read for?  Is a...

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How to Change the World

I am often troubled by the things I see in our culture and churches. This past week seemed especially troubling. It began with a conversation with a friend about my denomination and continued with my witnessing displays of moral decadence in entertainment and public...

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