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Life of Calling
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The apostle Peter told his flock “I have written both letters to stir up your sincere understanding with a reminder “(2 Petet.3:1). Reminders are helpful and even essential in many of life’s issues. In terms of Christian theology, many people do not know with...

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Knowing God’s Will For Your Life

Knowing God's will can be a difficult part of navigating our faith journey. For instance, I struggled as a high school and college student. Like many other students at that age, I had a hard time knowing what was next. I was under the impression that I had to know...

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If You Were Born in India You Would be a Hindu

It has become fairly common these days to dismiss any religious view as being geographically conditioned.  One of the most famous atheists in the word, Richard Dawkins, seems rather popular for his response to the question, “What if you’re wrong?”  Here is an excerpt...

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The WHY and the WHAT of Ministry: Theology is Important!

As a professor of the New Testament at BLI, I certainly believe that rigorous academic study in theology is very important! WHY? Because what you believe will determine WHAT you preach, teach, and do in the pastoral ministry. So many self-help ministry books focus on...

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Joshua’s Conquest Took Time

The book of Joshua records the conquest of Canaan by the Israelites. It takes eleven chapters to tell the story, with one of those chapters recounting Joshua’s transition into leadership and five dealing only with the capture of Jericho. It is a whirlwind tour. Five...

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The Slow Path

Faith formation is a slow process.  It takes time to develop maturity. There are no short cuts. There is no quick and easy fix that will get you to where you need to go. The path toward maturity is slow-moving and will require patience. Spiritual maturity must happen...

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How to Pray For Others

Praying for others is important, but it can be difficult. Praying is an essential part of living out our faith. The Bible tells us to pray for others. As a result, we are to pray for ourselves, for our government, and for our enemies. Paul tells Timothy, “I urge you,...

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Is The Church Full of Hypocrites?

Hypocrisy is a real charge leveled against Christians. We must take it seriously since
Jesus himself made the charge against the religious leaders of his day as we see in places like
Matthew 23:13-31.

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