Intent To Enroll

  • Intent To Enroll

  • Please send your enrollment deposit of $100 to be applied to your tuition, room, board, or fees. Send a check to: Biblical Life Insitute 927 Freeport Road Freeport PA, 16229 You may also pay your enrollment deposit through your BLI campusSIS account. For information regarding accessing your campusSIS account please email our registrar at
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Student/Parent Agreement For Enrollment

  • Student/Parent Agreement Form

    1. Privilege of Attendance: I understand that my (or my son’s/daughter’s) attendance at Biblical Life Institute is not a right. If at any time my (or my son’s/daughter’s) conduct, academic progress, or cooperation with the school’s authorities is not in keeping with the school’s requirements, policies, and/or Statement of Faith, I understand that the Board of Trustees reserves the right to expel any student. Further, I agree that in the event that I cannot continue to support BLI, I agree to withdraw/withdraw my child from BLI in a quiet and orderly fashion. I understand and accept that if I withdraw or are requested to withdraw (my son/daughter), no refund of registration fees or used tuition will be made. 2. Acceptance of Handbook: I accept all regulations of the school as presented in the BLI Student Handbook and Catalog. 3. Tuition and Fees: I agree to pay all tuition and fees within the requirements outlined in the school’s catalog. I understand and agree that all fees (including Room & Board) are paid directly to Biblical Life Institute and are nonrefundable. I understand and agree that no tuition will be refunded unless the Refund Policy is strictly complied with and then a refund shall only be to the extent of the portion of unused tuition. 4. Biblical Life Institute agrees to accept a student for the school year contingent upon payment of all tuition and fees in a timely manner. 5. Indemnification: I agree and promise to indemnify BLI against any damages arising from any misrepresentation made herein and against any damages arising from the undersigned’s failure to timely notify BLI pursuant to the promises set forth in the preceding paragraphs. By signing this Agreement, the undersigned agrees that they have read, understand and agree to be bound by this Agreement and the BLI Student Handbook and Catalog.
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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

FERPA Release Form

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law designed to protect the privacy of a student’s education records. This Act prohibits university officials from disclosing any records, including grade reports, academic standings, transcripts of records, or any other records, files, documents, and materials in whatever medium, which contains information directly related to the student and from which the student can be individually identified. Biblical Life Institute must have a signed acknowledgment from you before educational information can be released to a third party (i.e. parent, spouse, etc.) Please complete all items below and return this authorization form to the office only if you want another party to have access to this information
  • Student Information

  • Release Information To

  • Authorization For Academic Records

    I hereby authorize Biblical Life Institute to release information regarding my academic records to the individual named above in person. Proper identification is required for access to records
  • Authorization For Health Records

    I hereby authorize Biblical Life Institute to release information regarding my health

Health Form

  • Health Information Form

  • BLI requires that you receive a meningitis vaccine within 5 years before starting school.
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