Biblical Life Institute provides training for each student at considerably less than cost. This is possible because of the generosity of many Christian friends whose sacrificial gifts supplement the income received from student fees and tuition.


2019-2020 Tuition Rates

Full-time student (12-16 hours per semester) $3,600
Residential Program per unit hour $255
Audit per class $100 (residential only)
Online Program per credit hour $275


Residential Student Costs 2019-2020 (full-time, per semester)

Tuition                                             $3,600
Room and Board                           $3,000*
Library/Technology Fee**             $325
Student Activity Fee                          $75
Books (approx. per sem.)               $200
Total Expected Semester Cost:     7,025

2019-2020 Online Students (annual costs)***

Tuition per credit hour                             $275
Technology Fee per class                           $84
Books (appox. per year)                           $600
Total Expected Annual Cost (27hrs):   $8,781


Application Fee (waived if online) $20
Enrollment Deposit (applied to Tuition or R/B) $100
Student Activity Fee  (per semester, full-time student) $75
Student Activity Fee  (per semester, part-time student) $50
Library/Technology Fee** (per semester) $325
Diploma Fee (seniors) $25
Payment plan Fee $25
Late payment Fee*** $50
Missed work per hour (R&B offset program) $15
Cap and Gown (seniors) current rate



Student room rental (per night) $15

*All residential students may elect an immediate $1,000 offset to the R&B price by working ten hours per week on campus.

**The Library/Technology Fee helps defray the costs of periodicals, the catalog system, student printing supplies, and library upgrades.

***The online program does not run on a standard semester basis but on a continual class by class basis throughout the calendar year.

****Assessed if a student does not pay his/her school bill by the first day of classes or does not set up a written payment plan with the business office.