BLI, Sioux Falls Seminary, Taylor Seminary, and Evangelical Seminary are coming together into a dynamic union– Kairos. When this happens, we will create something new and exciting. There will be change, yes, but it will be great change! Here is part of what we will become.


Our Reach

  • We will be one of the 20 largest seminaries in North America, and possibly the fastest growing of them.
  • We will have a global scope which includes students in almost 40 countries and multiple languages.
  • We will have a shared endowment of nearly $15 million, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the learning of students.
  • We will be the only bi-national seminary in the Association of Theological Schools.


What will this mean for students?

  • Students will be able to access programs across all degree levels — doctoral, master’s, bachelor’s, certificate, and non-credit.
  • Students will be able to access learning from anywhere on the globe. They will gather in a variety of locations around the world and be able to tap into courses offered nearly every hour of the day in North America.
  • Students will be able to access the wisdom of approximately 40 core faculty and nearly 50 additional affiliate faculty.
  • Students will be able to access digital and theological library resources, whenever and wherever needed.
  • Students will be able to access courses and mentors in multiple languages.
  • Students will be able to access one of the most affordable seminary experiences in the entire United States.

-Adapted from Tony Blair’s article in Enthuse magazine. Tony Blair is president of Evangelical Seminary.


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