Bachelor’s in Christian Thought and Practice

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Thought and Practice focuses on your formational journey of faithful citizenship in God’s kingdom.  An emphasis is placed on helping you develop vocational excellence in your current or desired vocational context.  The program is extremely flexible and can be completed from a distance.  Students in the program will engage with the following program components: core modules/huddles, faculty-directed asynchronous online courses, gatherings, and contextual projects. The Bachelor’s program is part of Kairos University.

Program Distinctives

  • Developing patterns of thinking (biblical/theological/historical/contextual/etc.);
  • Embodying ways of being in the world (formation, discipleship, kingdom citizenship, etc.);
  • Demonstrating basic skills for analyzing (critical thinking, information literacy, etc.);
  • Communicating with the world around them (writing, speaking, tik toking, etc.);
  • Developing vocational excellence and theological reflection on that vocation.

Program Overview

  • Core modules with weekly thematic huddles;
  • Faculty-directed asynchronous online courses;
  • Gatherings (two per year);
  • Contextual Projects (faculty-directed courses with asynchronous project-based learning).

Admissions Requirements

• Program admission requirements can be found in the Kairos University academic catalog.