Associate’s in Christian Thought and Practice

The Associate of Arts in Christian Thought and Practice is a formational journey of faithful citizenship in the Kingdom embodied in vocational excellence for the life of the world. In this program, students will be matched with a mentor team who will guide the student through their studies.

Like graduate-level Kairos programs, the BA enables students the flexibility to customize their program based on their context and vocational goals. Students may complete their program through a variety of ways (online courses, on-site courses, directed studies) and do so while continuing to be engaged in their ministry/vocational context.


Completing the program, students will:

1) Recognize existing strengths, skills, and personality traits and how, holistically, these should be utilized while exploring opportunities in various academic and professional pursuits.

2) Learn the underlying skills that will enable them to become more familiar with the process of conducting research, analyzing the source and uses of information, communicating effectively, and practicing theology.

3) Declare a context for vocational preparation and theological study after working with academic advisors, peer mentors, and faculty members, as well as exploring various courses and opportunities.

4) Learn the importance of self-advocacy regarding academic plans of study, communication, vocation, and financial planning.

5) Develop and refine their vocational skills through various pathways, including field education, coursework, and enhanced self-awareness.

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