Pastoral Ministry Concentration


Build Faith, Live Faith, Ignite Faith

BLI provides the graduate of our Pastoral Ministry Concentration with knowledge of the Bible and the skills necessary for full-time pastoral work. Graduates are prepared to enter full-time ministry or pursue a seminary degree.

Do you think you are called to be a pastor?


Concentration Objectives

Students will develop a theological, philosophical, and missional foundation for the practice of pastoral ministry that cares for and leads people to faith and obedience in Jesus Christ.

Students will develop the necessary skills to construct and present sermons; the facilitation of baptism, communion, weddings, and funerals; and other pastoral activities.

Students will be prepared for adaptability in ministry methodology in the face of a rapidly changing culture.

Students will be equipped for the work of evangelism, discipleship, spiritual formation in others, and community engagement as a ministry leader in the local church.

Students will nurture a clear understanding of and commitment to one’s own personal call and preparation through the development of spiritual character, emotional health, and maturity.


Course Offerings

PM 311 – HOMILETICS I – This course studies the theory of preaching from an historical and practical perspective. Students will read biographies and sermons of great preachers and learn how to develop sermons.

PM 312 – HOMILETICS II – This course facilitates the preparation of both the speaker and the sermon. Students will participate in a variety of preaching opportunities in front of groups.

PM 411 – PASTORAL WORK – This course examines the lifestyle, responsibilities, and ethics of the pastor and various approaches for organizing the work of ministry. A study is made of the place and practice of the church’s rituals.

PM 412 – PASTORAL COUNSELING – This course examines the heritage, resources, and techniques of pastoral care.

PM 413 – LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – This course instructs those who will be leaders in the church. Special emphasis will be placed upon personal leadership development, styles, techniques, and biblical principles. Particular emphasis will be devoted to developing a ministry team, managing budgets, working as part of a staff, and conflict resolution.

CE 211 – FOUNDATION OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION – This course explores the history, philosophy, and scope of religious education. It is a survey of the growth of education in the U.S. from its beginning to modern times.

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