Missions Concentration


“The Missions Department at Biblical Life Institute exists to equip and engage missional people with the skills and mindset they need to share the hope of Jesus Christ in every situation at every opportunity.” – Brian D. Garner Director of the Missions Department

Mission in Community

We strive together to reach across communication and cultural barriers to share the hope and faith of Christ in the hardest places. We provide the Biblical foundation and the tools you need to be the messenger of the Gospel that God is calling you to be.

A Global Impact

We challenge you to think entrepreneurially. We promote local engagement and introduce you to people and organizations that will provide you opportunities to work abroad.

We will help you experience Jesus in new and exciting ways, building upon the faith that drew you, and opening new pathways to put feet to that faith.

We would love to help you build lifelong patterns and make lifelong friends that will make an eternal global impact. Let us walk with you into that reality.