What is a Bible College?

A Bible college is a school of higher education that has a unique focus on the Bible and a Christian worldview. Bible colleges not only offer Bible and ministry-related majors, they also seek to incorporate a distinctly Christian and Bible-informed approach throughout their entire academic program. Bible colleges require students to take courses in Bible even if their major is in another area, such as education or nursing. In addition to a biblical focus in academics, Bible colleges place great emphasis on spiritual formation and Christian living.


Bible College or Seminary?

Bible colleges are similar to seminaries, but they normally operate at a different academic level. While seminaries offer graduate-level programs (such as a MDiv or a DMin), most Bible colleges focus on undergraduate-level academics (bachelor’s and associate’s). While many courses are similar at both places, graduate programs typically study at a more technical level. Often denominational requirements for ordination determine whether a person pursues ministry training at a Bible college or at a seminary, but there can be a significant benefit to pursuing undergraduate education at a Bible college before going to seminary.


Who is BLI?

BLI School of Ministry operates at the undergraduate-level. We are a great choice for students wanting ministry training but who don’t need a seminary degree. We are also a great choice for students who want to pursue non-ministry related occupations, but who want a solid foundation in Bible, theology, and Christian discipleship before going on to other education. In our programs and campus life, we emphasize both challenging academics and faith formation.